New Loom!

My new loom is finally set up! I bought it some time ago but then I went to Norway for a few months over the festive period and so have only recently got round to putting it together.

New Loom

I bought it to replace a table loom I’d had for a few years. My table loom was almost twice as wide but only had 8 shafts and was very slow and uncomfortable to weave. My new loom is a dobby loom, which means the shafts are lifted with a treadle instead of by hand, and I can programme in a lifting pattern with pegs in lags, so it’s much faster to weave. The more efficiently I can create my products, the less I will need to charge for them, making them more affordable for more people. I am a little disappointed that the treadle doesn’t advance the lags, so that still has to be done by hand, but it will still be much quicker than my table loom. The dobby also has 24 shafts, so I can weave more patterns without having to re-thread, and I don’t exactly need the extra width for weaving jewellery!

Satin Lags

I’m looking forward to getting a warp on very soon and start weaving! More on that next time!

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