Designing some Jewellery!

After a year or so of carrying my ideas sketchbook around with me and scribbling down any and all thoughts and ideas I had, I have finally started designing my jewellery!

First I measured and cut out possible sizes for my necklaces so I could get an idea of what they may look like in the mirror. This was the bit but i was most unsure about: the size. I had some possible sizes from researching other jewellery designers, but seeing how they looked on myself was really helpful. I also measured and cut out charms from possible supplierers that I thought might work well much my weave designs.

Using the cut outs of the sizes and charms I thought worked together, I worked from my notes and drawings in my ideas sketchbook, as well as looking back at my past Art Deco sketchbook and weave samples. I threw out dozens and dozens of initial designs.

I then scanned in all my designs, printed them, cut them out and tried them on in the mirror again. I thought about the size, composition and chain length, as well as how the design itself looked. If there were any tweaks or improvements to make I did the whole process over again.

Then, using the scanned images I experimented with colour in Photoshop. I matched colours from my research into trends and my Art Deco. Once I had some colour ideas I was happy with I could plan my first warp. I had to pick one width, one warp colour, work out how many samples I could fit on a maximum warp length of 4 metres and how many different weave structures I could weave on my 24 shaft loom. Then I could work out how much yarn I needed to weave it and how much I needed to dye of each colour. Lastly, I looked through my dye records and books to match my chosen colours to natural dyes.

Colour designs

Planning dyes

With all that done, I’m ready to dye some yarn and get weaving once I set my new loom up next week! I can’t wait.

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