Jewellery Inspiration

As I start to draw up some designs from my ideas sketchbook, which my last post was about, I’ve been looking a lot at jewellery that I really like to inspire me and help me develop my ideas. Not everything is necessarily similar to my designs, but I still find them very inspirational. They give me the urge to design and create and help to keep me on trend.

I really like the bold geometric shapes of these statement necklaces. I especially love the way the teardrops of the Louis Vuitton necklace repeats all the way around the neck like a collar. I wonder if it is heavy.

Simplicity can be very elegant and feminine. Simple shapes and just one or two earthy colours can create something delicate and beautiful. I also like the use of the more unusual materials, like the concrete and basalt above.

I find asymmetry very visually appealing. It can just make something that little bit more interesting. I also really like layering of multiple chains, as long as it’s not too over the top!

More simple geometric shapes. This is very on trend right now, and has been for a while. Again, it’s the beauty of simplicity.

So, as you can probably see from my sketchbook in my last post, none of this jewellery is really like what I’ll be making, but hopefully you can also see that it is related in one way or another.

In the next post I will show you some of my initial designs, some of which I will be weaving as my first test pieces. Very exciting!

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