Art Deco Inspiration

For my first jewellery collection I will be kind of looking back at my Art Deco project from a few years ago, weaving a lot of satin and using my research from then as a starting point. I’m planning to develop some of my original fabric designs into jewellery, but I am going to be creating lots of new designs specifically for jewellery. I already have so many ideas! I absolutely love Art Deco and 1920’s style in general, and its bold shapes and beautiful colours seem like a great starting point for my jewellery.

Art Deco was heavily influenced by various historical periods and different cultures. The international expositions, which famously started in 1851 at London’s Crystal Palace, continued every few years to display the art, design and industry of countries all around the world, making them much more accessible. There were also several famous archaeological excavations going on in the 20’s, such as Pompeii, Troy and, of course, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922.

Art Deco was very popular and widespread across all areas of design, from architecture to textiles to film. I will be, and had been in my original project, drawing inspiration from all these different areas as well as looking at Art Deco’s influences some more.

I would love to hear what you like most about Art Deco, or the 1920’s in general. Or what your favourite style of design is.

In the next post I will show you some very early ideas for my jewellery, so you can start to get an idea of where I’m going with this!

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